Round and Round The Crochet Hook – Book Review

Hi everyone,

I cannot put in words how nervous & excited I am to be writing my first book review. Round and Round The Crochet Hook by Emily Littlefair is the newest edition to my small but growing craft library. In the short duration that I have had my hands on this book, it has become a favourite.

Round and round the crochet hook by Emily Littlefair

Emily has done such a superb job of creating this collection of beautiful crochet patterns that are intricate yet so easy to make, thanks to the detailed instructions and charts. She has gone to such great length in writing all the patterns. You will find pattern notes, special stitches listed out for each of the 18 amazing patterns in this book.

Crochet mandalas made using patterns from the book Round and Round the crochet hook

I had such a tough time deciding what pattern to make first. I also spent an awful lot of time thinking, is this the right yarn for this mandala? Is this the right colour for this pattern? But guess what? Any colour, any yarn I picked up worked perfectly with the designs that are there in this book.

The first pattern I settled on (after much deliberation), was the Dancing Around in Circles Mandala. It is such a beautiful design. It is simple yet so elegant. I was planning on gifting this to a colleague at work for Christmas but I think I’m going to hold on to it!! It’s just too pretty to part with!! And it gives me a reason to make another one!!! Oo but what colours do I chose this time? May be grey…or off white with a mint green border!! Sorry, what was I saying? I started day-dreaming  dream-crocheting for a bit there!!! The struggle is real people!!! 🙂

Dancing Around in circles mandala

The second pattern that I made was much easier to choose. I knew I had to make it the minute I saw it. It’s the fabulous Flower Patch Cushion. It is such a great pattern with so much texture that I just couldn’t stop touching those tiny bobbles the whole time I was making it and then a for quite a bit afterwards as well. But there was a small hiccup. I didn’t have a cushion insert!!! So I turned this cute little pattern into another mandala. This is going to be a little gift for the Mother-ship when I visit her next year in April! 🙂

Flower Patch cushion pattern adapted into a mandala

I have also spent an obscene amount of time just flicking through the various mandala, blanket, coaster, cushion, wall hanging patterns that are in this book. Emily and Tuva publishing have done such a fab job photographing this book. It is so aesthetically pleasing that you just have to stop and admire the beautiful pictures and super detailed charts. Even the most intricate and elaborate design Winnie’s Wonderland Blanket is charted to the last little detail.

Flower Patch cushion pattern

So if you looking for a gift idea for a crochet lover or if you are that crochet lover, I would highly recommend getting this book. It’s a very good book to have in your repertoire when the need arises to make something that is beautiful, elegant, modern and will be cherished for a long time to come.


Well, it’s time for me to go back to dream-crocheting now!!

But, thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂




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